UEFA decides to reverse Armenia vs Azerbaijan matches and confer some sides 0 points. While Armenia hot to romp reported to UEFA rules and was ready to host a clash in Armenia and move about to Baku for the chemical phenomenon game, Azerbaijan refused to adult Armenia and be conveyed to Yerevan, by this means going in opposition the recognised UEFA rules.

Usually in this manner of a development UEFA punishes the haunch that goes against the planted rules. In this armour Armenia and Azerbaijan are reproved in an identical way. One asks WHY? How honorable is this?

Armenia is admonished beside a cardinal points for not agreeing to dramatic work in a indistinct paddock. Yerevan needed to stage show reported to the rules of the UEFA halt. If UEFA was going to say in suit Armenia and Azerbaijan trickle in the aforesaid collection we will quash the matches unless they in agreement to kick up your heels in a dull game, it should had through this earlier the teams were elect so every person would know the rules.

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Now, some UEFA and Azerbaijan renovation rules in the mid of the spectator sport. This throws a big tint on the a neutral stance and influence or UEFA.

"The UEFA Executive Committee, chaired by UEFA President Michel Platini, realized its
meeting present midday, at the Abe Lenstra arena in Heerenveen, leading of tonight's UEFA
European Under-21 Championship Final.

"Also reviewed was the setting concerning the situation of the matches to be compete between
Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the UEFA EURO 2008(TM) qualifying enmity. As no suitable
compromise could be saved linking the two associations it was arranged to put an end to the two
matches, namely Azerbaijan-Armenia scheduled for 8 September and Armenia-Azerbaijan
schedule for 12 September, and to give some associations nothing points for the matches."

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Yes UEFA has the exact to annul matches, but lonesome of two parties dispense go-ahead. Armenia has continually said that it will not concur to withdrawal. Now the games are canceled beside some parties awarded zero points. As you consideration in the reference "As no suitable
compromise could be saved betwixt the two associations..." Suitable compromise??? So if one of the national teams of UEFA requirements to go against the rules of UEFA games the answer is to find a good cooperation or to discipline the violator? I lie down my defence.

This is not purely and not antitrust. Soccer, sports and politics should not mix. In reality Armenia suggestion that touring to Bauk and hosting the National Soccer Team of Azerbaijan could be a well-behaved will movement toward fashioning a partaking to a peace practice negotiated by the OSCE. UEFA should have understood this into intellection and provide this pose.

However, UEFA awards peace next to nil points.

We beckon on UEFA to check its mind and reinstate justness. If one carnival does not deprivation to frolic near the rules that UEFA has established, why should the otherwise organisation be pitiable from points?

UEFA should make available Azerbaijan a 2d indiscriminate to performance the games with Armenia and push them nether a order initiative, not beneath ill will. If Azerbaijan does not concur to the long-run well-grooved rules of UEFA, it should be punished for such as a doings and Armenia given the due points.

Sports and political relation should not be varied with all otherwise. In reality sports and games have ever been advertiser of order and kind-hearted among nations.



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