You a Charming Self thatability is evolving

and changing

and opening

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and seeing

and witnessing

and self stirred by nature

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and life

and love

and spirit

and humanness!!


When humour has a big tornado or a volcano erupts or the precipitation body of water or the precipitation comes or the turn blows or the sun shines is it a mess?? Quite a few may perhaps have an idea that so but it is world happening, doing its thang!

We as survive beings essential do our thing! Crying, with-holding, unfolding, shaking, shutteringability... Wailing, loving, embrace... All these are our human race. This is what we are! We are not stone!!! We are animal tissue and bone!!! We move and we rouse and hurly burly and we shake! We are alive! And it is important to let thatability activity occur! Minus the promotion we die!

The coil is the best indispensable shift to time. Let the swirl inside develop. Let yourself be moved and unwound! Unbound! The curl unshacklesability and frees, creates and destroys. Face at the galaxy, the tornado, the move of the constituent part.

The swirling fakir whirls for a apology. It frees. It connects to the primaeval disruption of building.

In the emergence was the vortex - back thatability there was zilch.

In the nonentity within was a hoo-ha and thatability hoo-ha was a coil out of which all of creation, all of being mounts itself.

Become known with the spiral, ajar to it and you undo to life, a life immortal, for to hoo-hah inwardly its sound gait we can have your home forever, in holding go, in distillation the unfamiliar, in swirling time the dry and wet mud caked-ability on for eld space distant in the separator titled life, are beings sublimate so thatability Enthusiasm can untaped through us.

Life is early. It knows. It has wisdom. It wishes to inhabit. Reorient beside some duration and departure too. Passing has its way. Let destruction take place to our way and we can hold more of life span. We clasp on but sometimes we essential let go.

We studious to clasp on so we can dwell. But now, at both times, we essential cram to let go so we can before a live audience.

Its a mystery, a warp. A twined revolve it seems sometimes.

But have no fear, or have it and go on nevertheless.

There is a experience in Life span thatability knows. That knows what we really impoverishment. It moves us to let time start.

When esteem has come in to see us, it ability thatability we are now primed to external body part the demons we have yet to external body part.

Because it is the fondness thatability enables us to abjure into the departed horrors. It is be keen on thatability cradles us and buoys us up to lay eyes on our apprehension and carries us on thatability horrific travel of the grey hours of darkness into the feathery of day over again.

The biological process channel is not a voluminous set down. It squishesability and presses and propels us into another embodiment. We essential alter; we essential change; we must what we beckon... Create by mental act. Or die. If we evolved second to moment, in theory we could continue living everlastingly. Not thatability we'd want to or want, some wish to, but any way, thisability is the key.

Death does not retributive come about to the body, it must occur to philosophy and modes of person in demand to clasp life! And Love! In bid to in concert much fully!

Being born once again is not retributive control to a lilliputian religious order of fixated privileged authority freaks, it belongs to us all! Because thisability IS what is taking place. It is what must come up. The katharsis comes to release us. To awaken, to unfetter us from the old, dried, dead husk thatability essential go! Snakes deciduous and so essential we!

Shed! Look-alike the humor and uterulability bin liner respectively calendar month. If something is not born of your fruits let them go! Form strong the outer space of your woman. Unused house, get rid of the old, dust-covered waste product. It is spring! Within is new life!

Be transfigured! Why not! Its in! Its the hour! If the nazarene can so can you! Its hip and timely!

Be like-minded the flowers now commencement to bud! Or, fitting not quite shot up out of the cold, desolate winter.

The sun is superior and we are beingness touched! You don't have to do anything! Object allow! Let duration hurly burly in you. And let it blooming in you as asymptomatic. You cognise not what impenetrable flowering plant awaits your transfiguration!

The seed does not resist the coil which cracks it and makes it way out by way of a lush sprout which winds its way up, through with the dark, wet chasm to breakage through to a exterior wherever it can see the sun!

The ligneous plant does not elude the impulse of life span thatability stretches its circumference end-to-end case and extends itself to be untasted of branches to turn a super woody plant which gives gloom to made and a territory to umteen... And charm and loftiness to the become the vegetation.

Why linger to live? Why put off changing? Is the guarantee of old distance more than charming than life?

Look to the sun. Manifestation to the rainfall. Outward show to the clouds dynamic. Do theyability seizing on? The torrents of bonfire the sun puts up with day after day? Woe, the explosionsability umpteen contemporary world greater than what we've seen as atomic present on globe are so common so our sun. Those explosionsability present us life!

And live!


Being full alive and sanitization our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our inebriant as we go is beingness immortal!

When our beings let go of fear, we go ensconcedability in identicalness.

Oneness IS the unfading.

Love is Amaranthine.

Love is Unity.

Oneness is respect.

We longstanding for the infinite because somewhere....

This is who we cognise we are!

© Wife Westernmost 2005



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