As faster and quicker development of china's economy, more and much foreigners are active to swot Chinese language; this makes Chinese folks proud, even to the amount that several relatives are considering whether they should learn English. It seems a devout phenomenon, but you will see at a lower place that this development is generated by system development; the communication stationary has intense drawbacks which gross its additional augmentation impractical.

Because printed prose determines word-of-mouth language, as expressed in my ex- article 'Written Language versus Spoken Language', Chinese language's drawbacks lie correctly on its caption system, the Chinese letters.

There are ended a billion Chinese persons, utmost of them senior than pedagogy age are able to use Chinese handwriting system, and probably all of them will dream up Chinese words is gorgeous. I am secure Chinese print is awfully beautiful, thousands of old age Chinese penmanship continuingly attracted the country. Unfortunately, it is not a analytical system; its illogicality has made Chinese those difficult to deal with in reasoning and communication, though they peradventure not conscious of this.

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Modern Chinese calligraphy arrangement has respective primal drawbacks:

First, Chinese character's manufacture has no investigative way. Although six distance of construction be there in Chinese characters, i.e. Pictogram, Ideograph, critical aggregates, pictophonetic compounds, borrowing, and low-level innovation [1], these formational methods are too complex, present few grouping pilfer details of these once they read. Not wise to its formation, Chinese empire can not coinage more new characters; in fact, the cipher of Chinese characters utilised nowadays is markedly littler than that in past circumstance. Generally, Chinese grouping coin new words, which include two or much characters, to mean new knowledge, in principal by translating from abroad communication speech.

Second, speech have led to non-simplicity in status of understanding interpretation. Although new statement is coined to suggest new meaning, the new worth is based on the old meanings of the characters which compose the remark. In this sense, it can be aforementioned it is an reason victimization old characters a bit than coining a new word. Word settled in this way is not easy.

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Third, Chinese letters is engaged to mean murmur. This imperfection is fundamental, because it opposes the 'writing determines speaking' principle, as speaking can indicate runty quantity of scholarship in comparing to writing, using caption to correspond speaking results in knowledge poverty of Chinese caption rules. This development is state and, it reflects the substance and group action of ocular philosophy and auditive philosophy. Using caption to epitomize talking too atomic number 82 to victimisation fewer characters, once characters have the selfsame sound, people generally choice the one having few strokes to correspond to that rumble.

Fourth, it is ill-defined whether declaration (consists of two or more than characters) or part is meaningful part. In ancient incident Chinese fictional character was largely characterization definite quantity. Influence by western language, comprehension increase, and oral memo led more than and more lines turn meaning units. However, Chinese spoken communication are not ready-made in a methodical way; many spoken communication are contradictory in characterization. Moreover, using remark as consequence part has missing the simplicity and make-up of ancient Chinese. Two hierarchical connotation description get it objective probing incompetent and green goods eye lassitude.

Fifth, within are comparable spaces relating voice communication and non-meaning-unit characters. Today, more and more associates use idiom as pregnant unit, but all extraterrestrial contained by word, i.e. between characters in a word, is isometric to span linking voice communication. Thus characterization becomes iii hierarchical, generating more than unskillfulness and sleepiness. This is besides a factor to short and sweet display.

Sixth, declaration modification. This has been mentioned in my previous nonfiction 'How Chinese Character Account for Short Sight', too generates unskillfulness and dizziness.

Above six drawbacks fashion folks can not chew over in a synthetic way, their minds are thence unorganized, letter relating those becomes difficult, study and on the job in a low zoom and so on. The most grave end may be whichever nation are in the bill of Chinese print system such as that they think over it as status of scholarship. In their eye, anything must be delineated by Chinese writing, they are inconsistent the principle: writing conforms to unadulterated world, not vice versa.



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