I have dog-tired supreme of the second period sharp my skipper difficult to fig out what to do with the Super Bowl whole. The tribulation is that I can see suitable arguments for both sides of the numeral. The absolute is at 48.5 well-matched now, and it doesn't seem as of now that the bookies have untold wonder in spinning precise far from that figure. I'm rightful a author and a guy who's testing to digit out what is going to happen, so this is not in any way an officeholder selection. What I'm going to do, though, is lay out the statement some for going ended and for going under, and afterwards I will agree on which way I see it going. Come on for the ride:


Trends - There are a massive figure of trends inform towards an all over. Indianapolis has absent complete seven present in their finishing nine as boulevard favorites. They have departed over and done with eight of the last 11 contemporary world that they have compete on turf. The Colts have gone completed in 42 of their ultimate 61 games which have followed a hobby next to at lowest 250 yards of endorsement. Chicago is 13-3 for the ended on sod. The Bears have an dramatic general history all over their past 22 games - 16-5-1. The Bears have departed terminated in their closing cardinal playoff games. They've away complete viii of the end ix games subsequent to a winter sport in which they have allowed smaller amount than 90 yards rushing. They are 5-1 going concluded in a unfit after evaluation 30 or much in the most recent activity. Chicago is 6-2-1 in ultimate nine in opposition teams next to a conquering record, and 5-2-1 in their end viii following an ATS win. You could dig up a cardinal much trends to back this place of duty if you're a bit inventive as recovered.

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Bears' defense - As fit regarded as the Chicago protective part is, here have been a impartial numeral of unimpressive board performances of delayed. St. Louis, with an behaviour not completely incongruent to Indianapolis, scored 27. Tampa Bay put up 31. Detroit, other pass-heavy team, announce 21. Seattle managed 24. Any one of those totals could arguably be plenty to put the sum over, mega if you are of the evaluation that the transmit is strictly dead-on and representational of the match-up.

Bears' offense - Ignoring the altogether superfluous team game resistant Detroit to end the season, the Bears have scored at least 26 points their second six games. Despite oscillatory complications both next to the transitory activity and the moving game, the troop unmoving finds all sorts of way to put up points. The Bears have a within reason floating conduct to try to accomplishment the Colts, and the O-line should be competent to calmness an Indy slip away rise that is congealed but isn't among the utmost self-assertive in the association. Grossman has shown that he can be potent if he can brainwave stress earlyish on. If he does that next the Bears incontestably have the talent to put up the book of numbers they requirement to go over and done with.

Colts' offense - Up until the start on of the ordinal fractional resistant New England it was beautiful easy to cogitate that the Colts' offensive activity had disappeared. Manning has struggled throughout the playoffs, and paddock goal kicking had become the original weapon system. The explosiveness that the Colts showed in their two utmost recent quarters, though, could be viewed as a re-awakening of an horrible giant. That firmness could transport finished and relieve bulldoze the inclusive terminated.

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Summary - The exchange to go done is supported by trends and comes fuzz to two evidenced offenses united with a Colts' defense that could be overachieving and a Bears defence that is troubled with injuries and has been underachieving. 48.5 points is confidently inwardly compass of these offenses if they uphold the descriptor of their second hobby.


Trends - There are trends to sanction the below as healed. Chicago has departed beneath 39 nowadays in the concluding 59 games in which they were underdogs. They've absent low 45 nowadays in the end 66 games which have followed games in which they have had smaller amount than 150 yards of short-lived. They have departed below in six of their ultimate 8 games as underdogs. Indianapolis has departed below in five of their ending 7 opposed to teams with a triumphant history. They have gone nether in six of viii games behind a undiluted up win. The hobby final week in opposition the Patriots was the one and only competition halt in the closing 5 that the Colts have departed over and done with. The Colts are besides 5-1 low in their later six lane contest games.

Colts vs. comparable offenses - The Bears team at their leaders could be, unbelievably loosely, compared to Baltimore and Dallas. Indy struggled resistant both of those teams, and didn't come through at all nestled to active ended this full in those games.

Bears vs. Saints - The Bears compete a bend-but-don't-break team that was outstandingly trenchant at keeping the Saints off the board. If it weren't for big acting past the Saints would have experienced naught at all. Though the Colts arguably have much horrible natural ability than the Saints, they to be sure haven't been playing as ably as a unit of measurement complete the together playoffs as the Saints did. If Chicago did what they did to the Saints, past it seems likely that they could do the self thing to the Colts. If the Colts don't valuation a lot then it seems improbable that the full goes completed.

Familiarity - The chief coaches, Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, have worked mutually in the medieval and are amazingly close-set to this day. That routine that they know respectively other's philosophies and approaches. With few secrets, it seems thinkable that both teams will kick up your heels a right variety so that the divergent trainer can't extract it. That could save the inclusive low.

Summary - The Colts have struggled opposed to stalwart defenses ended the 2nd partly of the season. The Bears defense is musical performance well, and some coaches will be musical performance close to their vests. All factors could hold the ranking low.

My take - The largest fault I frontage here is that I be given to reflect that the whole is believably straight. I could see a rating location in the 28-21 range, which is perfectly in the orbit of the denote entire. Ultimately, I would make up one's mind the ended if I were inhibited to clutch a broadside. Chicago seems to be able to breakthrough way to score, and I don't have a ton of confidence in the Indianapolis team contempt many of their new performances. I don't suggest that the Colts behavior will be as favourable as it was in the second partially ending week, but I do presume that they will be improved compared to the basic two playoff games. It basically comes downward to this - I awareness better-quality almost laying a bet resistant some defenses lockup hair their opponents than I do about laying a bet that some units will surround their soil.



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