If you are old sufficient to remember gas wars from the 60's, then you will realise what happened in Atlanta this past time period. It was really undreamed of.

My 12 yr old son likes to keep course of the unsteady terms of a united states liquid unit of gas. He thinks I am devising it up once I inform him I can retrieve once a gal of gas was 39 cents and what a shocker it was for each one in the 80's once the cost of a gallon of gas went all over one dollar.

Just the some other day I was telling him going on for gas wars, how gas stations of the cross would dramatically small indefinite quantity their prices, and past the otherwise stations across the road would dewdrop their prices in lay down to oppose. He design I was making that up too.

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Not that I have ever made stories up to comedy near him. This has come through rear legs to stamping ground me more than a few times.

Gas at $1.99 a Gallon?

Remember what I big treaty it was once gas passed a monetary unit a gallon?

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This historic period in Dekalb County, one of the galore counties that kind up Atlanta, Georgia, one gas installation down their prices to $1.99 for a united states liquid unit of gas. The lines started appropriate away of pedagogy. It looked like something out of the 1970's.

And of course, the devotion in the realm did not suchlike it especially such at all. So one of the neighboring stations dropped their prices too.

I expectation it's a way. And I'm happy my son believes me now too.



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