Likened to the Great Walls of Troy
Or the Sacred City of Machu Picchu,
Akin to a torch, she, Kuelap-towers
Over the Valley downwards.
This: "Forgotten Fortress";
Death Temple of Chachapoyas!
Crowned, by the mountains
Here she stands, giant stones
Forgotten legends:
Here she stands alone!...

#1290 3/29/2006

Off and on the sun came out and off and on the precipitation poured, as if the two were having a play-offs who could overcome the other, or whatever generous of temporal arrangement game, but now we were at the site, yes, 1000-miles from Lima, at the Forgotten Fortress, de Kuelap, in the Amazonas of Peru, our goal.

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It took 600-years (there active) to physique this monstrous fortress, which is truly a sepulcher now, for the unresponsive occupy it, the Chachapoyas, from 1300-years past: who fought the Incas for 70-years and in due course gone astray.

Inside the tract one can witness 420-houses and towers, quilted walls all in the region of the city, and iii entrances, an observatory, at its absolute ingredient.

When you way of walking in the region of it, as we did for three hours several hours ago, one feels the world has overlooked this site, that it should be given more attention, yet it was simply discovered a number of 40-years ago. When I say discovered, I stingy to the generalized public, or outside world; the Chachapoyas and various kindred throughout Peru, knew active this reflect on and empowering locality endless ago.

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It was a time-consuming day: from Lima to Chachapoya, to Kuelap, to this bed in our edifice freedom. Travel case alone has been 1 60 minutes air time, 11-hours bus, cardinal hours up the crest in a van a taxi, and cardinal down, total: around 20-hours I've been in motion, one way or other.


Back Down
[And the Residue Spirit]

On the way posterior fur the mountain, the men from the municipal around thirty of them in all, went and cleansed the mudslide, the highway was okay now. Thus, we stopped at our driver's house, the one that in hand the Van, and his partner roast the unsurpassed Ginny pig I've yet eaten in Peru, and this was my third juncture I had Ginny pig [Cuy] past in Cuzco, past in Lima, now in Maria: in the Chachapoyas constituency. We all sat around a long-term table, the physical phenomenon went out, so we had to use candles on the table, and a twofold orientated big flashlight to see what we were consumption in this adobe domicile similar café; it's humorous how God throws empire together, it was a wonderful daytime. The enthralling shadow of the night, achieving a mission, all pleasant general public together, all beside hot hearts, and a nice victuals to put the boot in.

Julio had been having nightmares, and as we walked done the land site (earlier), some of it state dug up, excavations, I colored a face sculpted into, or out of the stonewall: it said,

"What do you want?"

"Nothing," I aforesaid and walked away (returning to the kernel facade a flash then), later added, "what would construct you happy?"

The Residue Spirit said, "...leave us buried proper!"

The fundamental nature was fearsome his resting blackhead would be estranged. Rosa told Julio what I had told he, what the heart had said to me, and Julio aforementioned in return:

"We have no intentions of flaring property wherever they do not belong, we are state extremely studious going on for this." (I had asked Julio for the shadowing iii life if he was acquiring any more than nightmares on the topic of Kuelap, and the excavations, and he same no. Perhaps, the alcohol are voluntary to hand over him the purpose of misgivings: that is, possibly they will trust others will do their record-breaking not to take roughly defilement, ruination, to their resting establish.


City Day

[3/29/2006; Morning of:] We are discussion copious population on our journeying into the yankee constituent of Peru, glorious as the Amazonas.

Today we saw the v mummies at the museum, in the plaza territory of town, past took a journey to a tricks recovered that predates the Incas. Learned more or less the Serpents and the Jaguars, the two native groups who fought one different in the Chachapoyas area, and had eminent archeologist Julio oblige us realize the two groups.

This daytime we visited a legendary photographers house: fluff a circuitous street, and nether whichever leaves we went, done a gate, and into the house, where two of his sisters were, beside friends. We talked and Maria was rather smiling to be reunited near her friend, as I was to be introduced to him. He had remarkable posters of the area, as healthy as his residency card game were anyone sold-out in all the stores and cafes of the township, that is, the town of Chachapoyas [Martin Chumbe].

Tomorrow we go to Carajia, also spelled with a 'K'; a piece of ground about two work time al fresco of the metropolis by car, all way; and roughly a mile plus step further than that. (It would curve out that I'd have to have a new man let out me his colt to get me final up the long-lasting walk, we had fuzz to this site, which would issue position on 3/30/06; and it was a tract to lay eyes on.)

The Five Expressions
(Mummies of Chachapoyas)

In the depository (INC), of Chachapoyas
reside cardinal mummies:

Side by site-, five-hundred eld old:
one man, and iv women...!

All carrying up to date expressions
of agony and expectation.

Number one:
She had suffering and cramp in her face

Number two:
She had misery, from lineament to forehead

Number three:
She was in despair, dejection,

Number four:
She was looking up, visualizing something
(perhaps prospect)

Number five:
He was looking down, contemplating, perhaps
his new existence to be (reincarnation)

All the mummies unweary in a foetus position,
seemingly, all near spasm and anticipation...!

Note: Thanks to Julio Rodriguez, a great deal of this verse could be put together, our archeologist (#1291), for he gave both good enough perception into this country of thought, varied near psychological science. And even helped identify the poem.


During the day on 3/30/06, we also visited a homegrown, nursery, where Rosa Mesa (of: Chachapoyas), lived on this sheep farm close to patch center, showed us about her supernatural monarchy of plants; in this manner I should, and will employ this verse to her "Orqudiario"!


I think, at Rosa's plant-nursery, in Chachapoyas
In Los Amazonas-she has a works for most everything and instant.

She showed me the fly plant-looked purely similar to fly, to me:
Matter-of-fact, it looked so definite I required to sound it,
But of class I let it be.

And afterwards she showed me the San Pablo Plant,
It gives one an illusion, and then any.

And after nearby is the egg-plant, teensy-weensy white eggs
Held in situated by the light-green flyspeck keeping of plants;
Not honourable to eat, or medicine, mayhap
Good for looks or nix.

Then in that was the Vitamin D-plant,
'Good for the bones,' I detected her say.

And the Tuna Cantatas, is go nice of plant
Used for position (the Panka).

And after within is the penalization plant,
Not convinced of its genuine name, but it is sour
All the same: utilized for bad children
Gives a bitter piece.

The lotion plant, gives one unspoilt breath;
And the bouillabaisse plant, looks approaching a cactus, is apt for washing
Cloths or shoes; and I saw one industrial plant that was
Good for ailments, so I was told.

But to recount you the truth, I liked the fly plant
The most, but I'd unmoving resembling to blow it
If I could.

Notes: taken down during the outing of the child's room and conversations with Rosa Mesa #1294.


The Great Crossover
[The Midnight Mudslide]

[3/31/2006-Written spell on the bus ride posterior to Chiclayo from Chachapoyas.] We rode out of Chachapoyas at 8:00 PM, on the 30th of March, an 11-hour journey to Chiclayo (so I thought, it would be stretched a few work time).

It started descending almost 11:00 PM, or 3 hours ago into this trip, beefy landslides [huayco/desprendimiento] all complete the roads, freshly ready-made it finished one, now we are at another, the total thoroughfare is thickspread with rocks and mud; hose heavy over a lofty rock look-alike a waterfalls. I went extracurricular to check it out, my mate and I, and a few others. The bus driver, and his womanly adviser would just let us all rot in this damp, and darkened wet bus, had I not insisted on her gap the door and bountiful us an clearing up of what correctly was to steal location. I should say, my spouse connected my enquiry. I don't imagine she liked us going away the bus, but consequently I don't attention what she likes at this component. I suggest we will skip the aircraft at 10:30 in Chiclayo.

[Later on] We were wedged spinal column within for one and partly hours, waiting for the construction social unit to come up out and dab the road, blest by the day after a bus took up the stand up against and ran cross-town he landslide and he made it, I mingy it was just about 30 feet long, and the said bird's-eye. Had we waited for the crew, wise how remiss folks are in South America, it would take several work time at sunday-go-to-meeting. I be a sign of I saw relatives walk-to cross-town the mudslide, and here Rosa is annoying to change somebody's mind me how risky it was. I told her at the time, I utilised to dramatic composition in such holding hindmost haunt. A miniscule exaggeration, but not much; thus, I have titled this the Great Crossover, anointed and soul may product a moving-picture show out of it, reported to Rosa's unnerve. Anyhow, after our bus operator saw several buses go done it; he got adequate boldness to organic process. I am penning this a few hours after the fact, immobile on the road, possibly it is 5:00 AM, getting soul to our destination.

I told Rosa, we were not in a hurry, if we needed to human activity complete a few life much because of this mishap, or arrest a belatedly plane, I mean, it is not the end of the worldwide. Maria was also worried, I speculate for me a smallest bit, and Julio had a bad imagery a while ago, nought to do near bad spirits, maybe a respectable one this instance. He is not huffing well, I suggested it could be his heart; and he dream up his dimness spirit, or the dark of his spirit, spell he is fast asleep is provoking to put in the picture him thing on this lay down. Whatever the case, he gets limp like a shot for a fit superficial man.

We will have to go exactly to the landing field erstwhile in Chiclayo, but we'll net it rear to Lima as regular it seems. It's been a manic journey in a way. Our car broke downcast yesterday, the fan close up down, and our manipulator had to appearance incessantly at the boil gage, and sooner or later we got it positive at some town wherever we had lunch: fearful dish for iv people, and a biggest container of white-livered and cereal or beef, next to drink and coke, all of 26-soles, almost $8.75 cents. Not similar at the Hilton, but it will do once you are ravenous.


Closing Notes

A Legend of Sipan

What comes to think about authority now, in last this abbreviated narrative of my stout passage into the Amazonas is a allegory told to me by Julio Cesar our teen navigator at the Sipan piece of ground out-of-doors of Chiclayo, where on earth we went the introductory day we arrived in Chiclayo; inscribed at that during the drop by to the piece of land (right on the spot) on the 27th of March, in the antemeridian (today being, 4/4/2006); I shall jot it out as I textile it at the time, not necessarily as it was fixed to me, though I will not garble what I discern to be information (for this is suppose to be, in fact, a echt fable), and it should be said, this story was two-handed down, not cursive prior to this; for I was on the site, looking fuzz into the Sipan grave, idea the moment, and had stepped upon the polyhedron of the sun, looked completed the Sipan Valley, and present is the legend:

*The Legend of Ernil Bernal

Advance/From my notes: Ernil Bernal, a contiguous resident had whimsy that the pyramid had opened; Bernal's kinsman now [to this characters] paints pictures in bodily fluid. It has been said, the king, Sipan's spirit, does not like person in a deposit. (Well, I can bear witness to that, in that, the inebriant of Kuelap have told me directly, they do not approaching man emotional about, this, this must grip some evidence to it, now that I outward show put money on on the excursion.)

The Legend/Dream:

The dream told Bernal, he had to excavate, and that a craniate would amusement him wherever to excavate, and that he'd discovery gold. The american oriole had a general wingspan, individual feet. Three life passed, and the image repeated to reappear, and afterwards he excavated several 7 meters, and saved the tomb of Sipan, he took 70% of what was in the tomb to his private house (later on property would be found location and brought to the museum). And the character of Sipan, possibly its guardian, who sits above, respective feet, within a fissure commanding the tomb, told him, "What you take, belongings from me, I will run material possession from you." That daylight his pig died, and he died by a gun colourful would by the police force. (1987)



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