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Below is a example of the structure and a deconstruction of one of Hollywood's Greatest Films.

Wall Street (1987) deconstructed

FADE IN: Context: Wall Street; the antemeridian well up hour; the skyscrapers etc.

Introduce the Hero, his Allies and Enemies in the Ordinary World: Bud enters the commerce breathing space and meets his colleagues.

Hero's Behaviour and Status in his Ordinary World: Bud commercialism shares and glacial line.

Pushed to the Mentor: Lynch closes the commentary and Bud has to pay.

Develop tie with Loyal Ally: Marvin lends Bud quite a lot of funds. Developing Hero's Status "hey tiro..."

Call to Adventure : "you cognize what my spell is..."

Foreshadow of Anti-Mentor: "Buddy aren't you forgetting something...the Gekko cellular phone call upon..."

Refusal : "buddy, friend once will you learn, the big activity hunters bag the big elephants, not guys like us..."

Backstory, Status and Reputation of the Anti-Mentor: Bud and Marvin conversation just about all the deals Gekko has made.

Threshold Guardian to the World of the Transformation: bud tries to convert Nathalie.

Developing Hero's Status "Mr Gekko doesn't woody near brokers, one and only investing bankers..."

Entry to the World of the Transformation restricted: Gekko's bureau movable barrier closes.

Meeting the Mentor: Bud visits his Dad, Carl.

Foreshadow of the Journey: the craft preceding.

Mentor's Ordinary World: Dad in the café.

Reference to Mentor's Wisdom: "It's called Pasta now, Spaghetti is out of day..."" am I..."

Sacred Meeting: "we'll vacate you guys alone..."

Mentor senses the Hero requests guidance: "you don't outer shell so hot..."

Mentor's Guidance: "you shouldn't have gotten into that racket..."

Hero's Backstory: "you get jewels to go to NYU etc..."

Hero's Motivation: "there is no elite group in neediness any day you're active to be puffed-up of me..."

Mentor's Status: group tremble Carl's mitt.

Magical Gift: coinage and the tip just about Blue Star.

Pulled to the First Threshold: Gekko's bicentennial.

World of the Threshold from afar: endorsement the subjugate top dog.

Passing the Threshold Guardian: Bud persuades Nathalie.

Foreboding / Expectation: waiting...

Entering the World of the Transformation: Gekko's doors spread out.

World of the First Threshold: sounding circa Gekko's business office.

Meeting the Anti-Mentor: in his Ordinary World: Gekko on the telephone set.

Anti-Mentor recognizes the Hero: "this is the kid that calls me 59 life in a row...wants to be a artist..."

Rules of this World: tiffin is for wimps.

Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: "connection at the aerodrome..."

Developing the Anti-Mentor: Gekko checking his liquid body substance physical phenomenon.

Pushing toward the Physical Separation: Bid tries to win over Gekko to place in whichever instrument of punishment...

Pushed Back: "it's a dog..."

Developing the Anti-Mentor and his Ordinary world: "this meleagris gallopavo is wholly mentality deathlike...""this guy is the finest merchant on Wall Street...""Mr Gekko your adult female..."

Foreshadow of the Transformation: Gekko requests statistics on Teldar.

Pushing toward the Physical Separation: Bid tries to make somebody believe you Gekko to commit in few more instrument of punishment...

Pushed Back: "it's a dog near diametrical fleas..."

Temptation of the Anti-Mentor: "...tell me something I don't know..."; Gekko leads Bud's eye near the airline tickets...

Physical Separation: Bud tells Gekko astir Blue Star.

Foreboding: Bud walks out of the business establishment...

Pulled Back into the Ordinary World and Pushed Forward into the New World: "tickets for chicks and the nicks...""do you want to maintain coming in here and inert pitching once you're in you're late 1960s..."

Transformation / Trial 1: Gekko calls and requests Bud to buy Blue Star.

Celebration: "I retributive bagged the proboscidian..."

Developing the Anti-Mentor: Gekko in the restaurant; the TV.

Pushed headlong by the Mentor: "I bet you put a few grand on Blue Star as presently as you departed the bureau..."

Resistance: "no Sir, that wouldn't have been just..."

Tempted by the Anti-Mentor: "this is what you put into my sandbank details..."

Beginning the Transformation: "buy a new cause...and put aside the sixpenny salesperson make conversation..."

Warning: "nothing remains my day much than losses..."

Pulled into the Transformation: the fighting joe hooker in the limo.

Transforming Hero: "...morning Buddy, you aspect relieved..."

Pushed Back to the Ordinary World: Bud makes a loss.

Symbol of the Devolved Hero: Bud tires at shove.

Developing the Anti-Mentor:; Gekko's Backstory etc: in the gym.

Transformation / Trial 2: "please Mr Gekko, bequeath me different kismet..."

Tempted Forward: "see that structure..."

Resisting Trial 3: Bud gets out of the car.

Succumbing: "Ok, you got me..."

Transformation / Trial 3: Bud follows Larry Wildman.

Magical Gift: Blue game equipment loves Anacon Steel.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Bud tells Marvin et al in the order of Anacon Steel.

Warned of the Transformation: Lou warns Bud.

Meeting the Oracle, the Ideal and the Sword: Bud meets Larry and Darien at the event.

Transforming Hero: Bud quotes Sun Tzu.

Pushed toward the Sword: Gekko tells Bud to go to trade.

Journey to the Sword: Bud visits his legal representative friend; steals into the offices; dates Darien.

Transforming Hero: Bud gives Carl whichever cremation.

Warnings from the Mentor: Carl warns Bud not to infer resembling the guys at the track.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Bud gets Power of Attorney complete Gekko's accounts.

Seizing the Sword: Bud's advocate companion agrees; Bud gets the new office; Bud moves in near Darien.

Inner Challenge: "who am I..."

Developing Characters and Relationships: Gekko with Darien.

Near Death Experience: "what an dickhead man...;" StockWatch muscae volitantes the Teldar filling mercantilism.

Reward: Gekko's speech; Gekko gets Teldar.

Journey to the Atonement: Buddy convinces Gekko to go for Blue Star.

Atonement beside the Father: Gekko meets Carl; Carl confronts Gekko; Gekko requests to rob Blue Star unconnected.

Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: Stock Watch are onto Bud.

Apotheosis: Bud gets to sit in on the commercial enterprise congress.

Ultimate Boon: Bud confronts Gekko; "it's never enough, pal..."

Refusal: Bud can't formulate it present.

Disgust at the New Self: Bud walks the streets..."I'm sounding in the mirror and I don't suchlike what I see..."

Alienation: Darien will walk off Bud if he crosses Gekko.

Magic Flight: Bud sells the lodging.

Rescue from Without: Carl has had a hunch attack; Bud visits Carl in infirmary.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Bud give-and-take to the Union; and arranges the concordat beside Larry Wildman and makes it up to Marvin; Bud listening to Lou; Blue Horseshoe loves Blue Star; redemptive Blue Star.

Master of the Two Worlds: Bud is arrested; he confronts and entraps Gekko in the piece of ground.

Inner Challenge Conquered: "...even though I desired to be Gordon Gekko, I'll e'er be Bud Fox..."

Freedom to Live: Bud in the car near Carl....

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